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The Diesel Story (Ireland)

Posted on October 30 2014

To anyone outside of Republic of Ireland you will be completely unaware that there are two Diesel Clothing Brands which exist today, but In the Rep Of Ireland we have just that and it can be very confusing for consumers trying to identify which is which.The 2 diesel brands are "The Italian Diesel" (sold worldwide) and  "Diesel Ireland" (sold only in Rep of Ireland) . Hopefully this article will be able to clear up some confusion and give you a clearer picture of this unusual situation.

Diesel (Ireland)

We know the Irish Diesel company was originally formed in 1979 one year after the Italians and was registered to a company called MONTEX ( Monaghan Textiles). Monaghan Textiles went into receivership in 1988, after which Montex Holdings Limited purchased the trade mark DIESEL and the accompanying goodwill giving Montex the right to trade as DIESEL in Ireland.  Currently they make men’s and ladies fashion and have Diesel store's across Ireland. For more than 20 years now there has been long running battles between the two companies. While DIESEL Italy would be more used to competing against the likes of Tommy Hillfigure and G-STAR this Irish company has seen many visits to the high and supreme courts over the years.  In July 2014 The Irish Independent reported that Diesel SPA (Italy) "has ramped up a long-running legal action over its trademark rights after being refused permission to register its brand here."

To read more on the decision made by the patents office in Ireland click here for pdf report.


DIESEL Italy (S.P.A.)

Diesel Was formed by Jeans genius billionaire Renzo Rosso in 1978 and his former boss Adriano Goldschmied. Rosso was working for a clothing manufacturer called Moltex, which was owned by Adriano. Renzo spent his early years in the business learning the trade.He grew up on a farm with his parents in Italy’s Po Valley and as time pushed on Rosso wanted to get his hands on more of the company and used a loan of just €4,000 from his father to buy a 40% holding in the company and changed its name to Diesel.

The name DIESEL was recognized worldwide and was attributed to the fuel as it became a cheaper alternative in the late 70's oil crisis. He marketed premium denim under the Diesel brand and many others. Rosso bought out Goldschmied's interest in the Diesel brand name in 1985 for as little as €400,000. It is said he recognized the strengths of different fields and has learned marketing from the US, creativity from Italy, and systems from Germany. Combing all 3 key factors put DIESEL where it is today.

Diesel has grown to truly be a successful brand. Under the Diesel umbrella, the company is responsible for both men's and women’s clothes, footwear for men & women, boys, girls, and babies. It offers denims, underwear, sneakers, jeans, shoes, bags, Watches, jewellery, shades, and accessories, as well as furniture, helmets, fragrances, and lighting products & cutlery  ...yikes

To find out more on DIESEL visit

When Rosso arrived in Manhattan to open his first Diesel store, he deliberately picked a spot directly opposite Levi’s store on Lexington Avenue. “I wanted to show how beautiful our product was, in front of them,” says Rosso. Diesel didn’t have enough merchandise to fill the 15,000-square-foot space back then in 1996, so Rosso did what seemed logical to him and built a bar and DJ booth. “In the beginning every few months we’d close the store at 6 o’clock and throw a party,”. “And we would party.”

Diesel SPA Turnover was over €1.3 billion in 2009.


Diesel Italy was first registered in 1978 and one year later Diesel (Ireland) was formed in 1979 in Co Monaghan (MONTEX HOLDINGS LTD). The Irish Diesel Co went into liquidation and was bought out in 1988 by the now Current Diesel (Ireland). In 1992 Diesel Ireland applied to register the trade mark DIESEL and state that this was the first time they heard about another clothing brand named DIESEL.  During that period the Italian DIESEL was starting to grow and get lots of attention across Europe. DIESEL Italy was registered as a trade marked brand across the world giving them the sole rights to trade as DIESEL but when it came to Ireland they were unable to Prove they were trading and advertising in the Rep of Ireland before the now Irish Diesel. Diesel Ireland is only permitted to trade in the Republic of Ireland for this reason. Diesel Italy is a premium International fashion Brand known for watches, Fragrances, Jeans and much more and currently has only one DIESEL outlet store located in Kildare Village. All other DIESEL stand alone Stores in Ireland are run by Diesel Ireland. There are only a few select accounts stocking the Italian Diesel. DIESEL Italy is EXCLUSIVE to Addam Menswear in the North West of Ireland .

Shop DIESEL (Italy) HERE


So how do you tell the difference? First off these Two brands are miles apart in design. Customers are always asking us how do you know if your buying an Original Pair of DIESEL Italian Jeans? The quickest and simplest answer we can give is, If the jean doesn't have the patented watch pocket branding with the words diesel Industry then it’s not Diesel Italy. Diesel Italy is a Premium denim brand which would sit along side top end brands like Hugo Boss AND G-Star. All DIESEL jeans will be priced over €100 at full price. DIESEL is known worldwide for Fragrances, watches and much more. Irish Diesel will be a much cheaper price point and is only permitted to be sold in The Rep Of Ireland.

We've been selling DIESEL Italy for almost 20 years now and have grown to love everything about the brand. .

Another way to tell the difference is to check the back branding label and look for the words "Diesel Industry" or "For Successful Living". These words are solely used by DIESEL Italy. 


Most popular Styles

One of the best selling bootcut fit jeans by Diesel.  Diesel zatiny is the perfect jean to wear with boots and casual shirt to dress up or simple t-shirt to dress down. This Jean has the classic 5 pocket style with watch pocket branding and Diesel logo patch at the back right. Zatiny has a regular fit to the thigh and a wider end, combined with comfort and versatility zatiny fit is truly defined as a the perfect bootcut jean

diesel zatiny jeans

Diesel Belther Slim jeans. Belther fit is one of the bestselling fits instore. Short rise, slim thigh and straight finish. Our customers love Diesel jeans because of Quality, originality and fit. These jeans are built to last. Quality never goes out of fashion. Buying DIESEL is an investment in a successful future.




While other brands continue to churn out the same old stuff Diesel has proven why they are kings of denim as they show their unique innovation with Jogg Jeans. Jogg Jeans are a cutting edge crossbreed between denim and active wear, Jogg Jeans for men put the durability of Diesel into motion.



We hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to comment with any questions you may have.


Author Brian Durkin



  • John Lewis : June 10, 2017

    It’s a shame it’s not made in Italy anymore,I can remember when I opened my shop .
    In the first season 1 pair of jeans,1 denim jacket,& 1 shirt.
    The next season was the winter season….. the range blow my mind .
    200 different items.

  • Tom Farnbourgh: December 09, 2015

    I was telling my friend about this the other day and he didn’t believe me. He bought a pair of Diesel jeans in a Diesel Store in Dublin while on a stage and we thought they were fake diesel. IIs it true all the diesel stores in Dublin are not the real Italian Diesel ?

  • John Brennan: November 24, 2014

    I love Diesel Jeans. Have been buying the Italian Diesel From Brian for over 10 years now. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else. Thanks guys

  • Alfondro: October 30, 2014

    Thank you for this read. I didn’t know there was two diesel brands. I love Diesel jeans thank you renso for making such cool stuff .

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