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Celebrities Spotted In Carhartt (Movies)

Posted on April 22 2015

After recently watching the movie Interstellar I noticed Mathew McConaughey wearing the world famous Brand Carhartt, but this wasn't the first time. Over the years I've noticed Carhartt in several movies where this amazing brand seams to pop its familiar head up quite a lot and is a hit with movie makers and celebrities, but how did this rugged work wear brand make it from the garages and farms across America into the wardropes of hip kids, Dj's and musicians across Europe and Celebrates worldwide?

Carhartt originally started by Hamilton Carhartt in 1890 and given the agelessness of the brand, using Carhartt in Interstellar was a smart move. Identifiable by the square branding leather brown tag, you don’t need to own anything Carhartt to spot this Iconic Detroit Jacket. 

Matthew McConaughey – wearing the Carhartt Weathered Duck Detroit Jacket– in the film Interstellar. Photograph: Allstar/Legendary Pictures


 Since the early years the brand became dedicated to providing the blue collar American work man with the “Best In Class” apparel, tailored to meet the highest standards of quality, durability and comfort. From there tradesmen across Europe choose the durable brand as the go to brand for work wear and trendsetters striving to copy this new look adopted the style making it the hip thing to wear. From this it was a short way into the wardrobes of music artists and DJ's, and the look slowly became a part of the urban subcultures connected to their music.


Kanye West / Jamie Fox Wearing Carhartt


Carhartt seams to be recession proof and part of its success is its ability to jump between demographics. In a winning marketing move in the late 1980s, hip-hop label Tommy Boy Records handed out promotional jackets to key industry players. The Detroit jacket also appear in the music video of popular American Irish Rappers House Of Pain "Jump Around" . This may explain its subsequent street wear explosion, and while alongside other such street wear brands why its so popular across Europe and even as far as Japan.

Rihanna & Zayn Malik (One Direction) wearing Carhartt Beanies

The most popular Carhartt items amongst celebrities like Rihanna and Jonah Hill are the Hats, jackets and body warmers. The heritage Americana inspired design makes them the perfect off-duty item to wear. Quality clothing with on trend styling provides all the answers.

Jonah Hill Wearing Carhartt Hoddy, jacket and vest

Jonah Hill is definitely a Carhartt wip fan, he was spotted wearing an Artic Vest with quilted lining, worn as an extra layer, or a stand alone fashion piece. Jamie Foxx is also a fan of the Carhartt vest, often being seen wearing a padded down vest

Ryan Gosling and Ben Affleck wearing Carhartt Jackets

Johnny Depp, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Schwimmer in Carhartt

 What's interesting about all these celebrates is that Carhartt do not pay celebrities to wear their brand for exposure, the brand has been naturally picked up, and why not ? These are people who love the look and functionality of their products. Quality, durability and versatility is what Carhartt stands for, and why shouldn't this appeal to celebrities? But it doesn't stop there hollywood has adopted the brand too. Carhartt has been featured in movies like The Twilight Saga, Fast and Furious 6, and most recently Interstellar but there are too many to mention. One of my favorite actors Paul Rudd show's us how its done with the Carhartt active jacket and Watch hat in the movie "All is Bright". (A great movie if you haven't seen it yet). Both items are built for warmth and provide just whats needed for Christmas tree salesman "Paul" in the movie.

Paul Rudd in the Film "All Is Bright"


In the 1980's the classic American Brand then moved across to Europe and picked up by a German company Work In progress GMBH which is why the Carhartt in Europe is called "Carhartt Work In Progress" or Carhartt Wip for short and is styled slightly differently but continues with all the durability and comfort of the American original. Workers love Carhartt because it's built to do the job, celebrities love it's vintage Americana look and classic styling and with over 20 years selling Carhartt Wip in store and now online we've come to love everything Carhartt here at, how about you ? Tell us your story in the comment section below.

 View more examples of Carhartt in the movies here

Patta team up for their very first collaboration with Carhartt WIP. Something Carhartt Wip do quite a lot giving them the edge over other street wear brands.


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 Author Brian Durkin



  • Vesco Spasov : February 27, 2017

    Is it possible that the brand is offering the contracts with the stars to wearing their clothes in public places and also with the producers of the movies to make the appearing inside?

  • Mike: December 12, 2015

    The Blade Movie Series, shows Kris Kristoferson wearing Carhartt Jackets and Vests.

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