Real Italian DIESEL Jeans

How to Identify the Real Italian Diesel Jeans v Fake Diesel Jeans

Real Italian DIESEL Jeans

We get asked all the time what the difference is between the real Italian DIESEL and the Irish Diesel. First off, there are a few quick and simple ways to make sure that you are buying authentic Italian DIESEL Jeans and not fake Diesel or the Irish brand of the same name.

  1. QR code on inside of waistband

Italian DIESEL incorporate a heat-printed QR code on the inside of the waistband of every pair of DIESEL Jeans. This can be scanned directly by a QR code app on your phone or one can easily visit and enter the code to validate the authenticity of your jeans before or after purchase.

Real DIESEL heat printed QR code on waistband

  1. Tab on Pocket

The classic “DIESEL Industry” tab on the watch pocket should be present, clear and unwrinkled. This wording is only used by the Italian DIESEL.

Real DIESEL tab on watch pocket - DIESEL Industry

  1. Price

Men’s DIESEL Jeans start at €140 and anything priced under that at full price are most likely on sale, fake or the Irish brand, also called Diesel.


What is the difference between the Real Italian DIESEL and the Irish Diesel?

We always get asked what the difference is between the Italian DIESEL that we stock, and the Irish Diesel that if you are in Ireland, you may have seen at a lower price in stores around the country. The answer is that they are two completely different brands. One is the Original Italian Diesel founded in 1978 and the other is an Irish brand owned by Montex Holdings Limited, founded the following year. There has been an ongoing trademark feud between Italian DIESEL ( and the Irish Diesel ( for years. Italian DIESEL argues that there may be confusion in the minds of the customer, between the Irish Diesel and Italian DIESEL which is a premium luxury Brand.

The Irish Diesel applied to register “DIESEL” in Ireland and the Italian DIESEL (DIESEL SpA) successfully opposed this. Renzo Rossa, founder of Italian DIESEL stated in his opposition of the registration of the Irish Diesel that, in his opinion, DIESEL SpA created the mark DIESEL, and its use and development of that mark has been completely legitimate and honest from the outset. Whereas the basis for the use of the mark DIESEL as relied upon by Montex, is “dubious to say the least”. The High Court acknowledged this, and for this reason rejected Montex’s application for registration.

You can read a more detailed account of the case on the patent’s office website here.


The Real Italian DIESEL

DIESEL is an international clothing company created by Renzo Rosso in 1978. DIESEL is one of the world’s leading clothing and lifestyle companies both in everyday use and the luxury market, celebrating style and individuality. It is registered under the parent company OTB which manages other globally recognised brands such as Viktor&Rolf and is chaired by DIESEL founder Renzo Rosso. They strive to offer their brands to a consumer who challenges traditional perceptions. There is currently only one Italian DIESEL store in Ireland, and it is situated in Kildare Village, Kildare.

DIESEL headquarters have been based in Breganze in Italy since it’s foundation. The DIESEL product catalogue includes Jeans, Outerwear, Shirts, Polos, T-Shirts and a range of lifestyle items including perfume, furniture, flooring and home accessories.

DIESEL situated in Breganze on map of Italy

 Italian DIESEL Logo

Diesel Ireland owned by Montex Holdings Limited

Diesel Ireland is a completely different company to the real Italian DIESEL. It was established in 1979, founded by Irish company Monaghan Textiles Limited in Monaghan (Montex Holdings Limited). Monaghan Textiles went into receivership in 1988 and Montex Holdings Limited then purchased the trade mark DIESEL and the accompanying goodwill. Therefore, Montex Holdings Limited is the owner of the trade mark DIESEL in Ireland. It was originally solely wholesale, but they branched out into a retail business in 2009. They now have 16 stores around Ireland and continue to supply wholesale within Ireland. Their range of clothing includes jeans, outerwear, knitwear, activewear and accessories.

Diesel Ireland Logo 


Other common questions about DIESEL answered

Why do DIESEL jeans cost so much?

DIESEL is considered a luxury brand and an investment. You get what you pay for and so in terms of fit and longevity, DIESEL exceed in both. People who buy the real Italian DIESEL in our store return to buy DIESEL because they love the fit and comfort and recognise the value for money in terms of quality

Where to buy DIESEL jeans?

You can buy the real Italian DIESEL jeans from our online shop with free shipping in Ireland.

How do I know what style of DIESEL jeans to choose?

Click here to find out more about the fits and styles of real Italian Jeans.

DIESEL Jeans - Slim

You can browse our range of real Italian DIESEL here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with promotions and discount codes!



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